I have wanted a new blog host for quite a while now. Blog.com isn’t a good fit for me – I receive tons of spam comments, posts are deleted as I write them, and the site is frequently down…

So as of right now I am making the switch over to a WordPress blog!


I first met Sarah and Scott last October when we did their engagement photos. I was so happy and felt so blessed to be a part of their wedding day last weekend at Mountain Lake Hotel (where Dirty Dancing, one of my all time favorite movies, was made).  Sarah’s wedding dress was custom made.  Her something old and something borrowed were her grandmother’s pearl bracelet, something new was her wedding dress, and her something blue was her garter.  I made sure to snap a photo of her shoes even though she decided to go barefoot instead.  I loved the handmade decor behind the alter which had a beautiful view overlooking Mountain Lake.  Sarah’s brother played the music for the ceremony.


The Salem Fair is coming up in the first week of July. I’m trying to squeeze two separate shoots into the late afternoon/night of July 7 (Saturday). If you are chosen for this casting call your shoot is free and so is your disk of images.

Who I’m looking for…

  1. Engagement/Couple: Looking for a (preferably engaged) couple who are outgoing, fun-loving, and creative.  You must not have already had engagement photos done with another photographer or plans to do so.
  2. 2-3 female models: same criteria as the couple – outgoing and creative, tattoos are a plus, but not required.  Have a friend apply too if you think they would be interested!

If you are interested just send me an e-mail at hollycromerphoto[at]gmail[dot]com with a photo or two and a bit about yourself. You MUST be available on July 7, the date is non-negotiable.

*Believe it or not, the photo is not irrelevant, I saw that zebra at last year’s Salem Fair, look what you have to look forward to other than the free shoot!*

  • My first wedding of the year is on Saturday!  And it is at Mountain Lake, home of Dirty Dancing which is also something that I love this Thursday (and every other day).
  • One of my photos [see above] was printed as the cover of the newest issue of 16 Blocks, quite a surprise when I saw it at Kroger when I returned from the beach over the weekend.
  • Rubber Cement Glue… it made the book page photo booth back drop for the wedding I’m doing on June 17 possible! I haven’t used that stuff since I was in middle school, perfect for paper crafts.
  • Anahata Joy Katkin‘s art… I saw some cards and canvases with her work on it down at a little shop in Corolla and fell madly in love.

*IMPORTANT*  Tomorrow I will be participating in the Art Crawl in Downtown Blacksburg for the first time from 5pm to 8pm.  Come on out and see me, my location will be at the Main Street Inn.  There will be prizes!

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Last weekend before I went on vacation I had the chance to attend Daphne’s baby shower at the new Holiday Inn in Christiansburg (it was really beautiful in there!). It had an amazing animal theme with huge stuffed animals everywhere. Daphne and Jeremy need a zoo to house their new collection of lions, tigers, bears, and giraffes. Her mom spent so much time setting everything up and working, she did a really great job! Daphne tie dyed the onesies that are hanging over the door in the first photo, aren’t they gorgeous? Dad-to-be Jeremy had made a shirt to match one of the oneies.

There was a onesie decorating station where guests were encouraged to decorate a special onesie for the baby. We played the string game where you cut a piece of string guessing how big mama’s belly is – I won, I’m undefeated for every baby shower I’ve ever been to! I loved the ultrasound cake and French Marigold seed favors so much.  And I have seen quite a few diaper cakes before, but the little monkey riding a motorcycle made of diapers was a first for me, so cute.  More photos from Daphne’s baby shower are up on my Facebook page if you are interested!

  • Beach/vacation… Leaving on Sunday at 6 am for Corolla! First trip to the beach for my son Auden and it’s been at least 3 years since I have been to the beach so I’m out of my mind excited and nervous for hours spent in the car.
  • Positive feedback… Apparently the notification on my customer satisfaction survey does not work because I had two glowing reviews when I checked it yesterday (one from Sarah, one Alicia submitted months ago). Thanks, you ladies made my day and I will be sure to post your testimonials when I update my website next.
  • I finally finished up the roll of film that Karly and I are film swapping, hopefully it will be back around the same time as I return from the beach. I’m excited to see the results and I’m starting another roll while I’m at the beach.
  • Dominos…  They are making dinner tonight, I’m too busy!

So anyway, if you can’t find me, I’m soaking up some sun.

Little side note that is something I don’t love…  I’ve gotten some reports of e-mails sent to me but never received. I write back everyone within two days so if you don’t hear back from me in a week, your e-mail was probably lost with next week being about the only exception.

I met up with little Mr. C and his parents Sunday for a little Mother’s Day portrait session. It was a gorgeous morning at the Virginia Tech Duck Pond with a lot of ducks, geese, and baby ducks who were very hungry for the pieces of bread that he had for them to enjoy.  He enjoyed feeding them just as much as they enjoyed the bread, especially when the white duck ate a piece of bread right out of his hand!  The whole family had amazing coordinated outfits, I loved C’s little blue and yellow plaid shorts.

  • Bon Iver Erotic Stories… I found this blog about a week ago and it cracks me up. Nowhere near as NSFW [not safe for work] as the title implies.
  • Bridal portraits…  Katie and I took some beautiful bridal portraits out in Willis last weekend for one of our June brides.  Unfortunately I cannot share the photos until June, but keep an eye out for them because they are to die for!  It was a great ice breaker to get to know the bride better (I recommend that everyone do a bridal portrait and/or engagement session with their wedding photographer before their big day) and we even got to meet a few members of her family!
  • Cupcakes… I’ve eaten more than my fair share of cupcakes this week.  Sunday Auden turned 2 years old and we had a lot of extra cupcakes leftover after his birthday party.
  • Vacation…  Less than two weeks away now!  We are going to Corolla, NC so hopefully we will see some of the horses this time!
  • Peonies…  The one pictured above was at the Price House Nature Center aka SEEDS where I went to take some photos today.

Meet little Mr. J.  I had the honor of photographing him last weekend and he was the most perfect little angel.  He didn’t so much as give me a frown while his photo shoot was going on.  The only time he made a peep was right before he fell sound asleep on the nice, soft, furry sheep pelt.  Check out the album on Facebook for a few photos not included here.

Springtime and flowers… These photos were all taken at the Hahn Horticulture Garden on the Virginia Tech campus a couple weekends ago when Karly came into town for a visit. Obviously now that it has gotten warm enough for flowers, there will be a lot of them showing up on my blog. In fact I’m planning on doing some “how to” gardening posts in the coming months.

And of course Auden is always on my list… He turns 2 years old on Sunday!

May 20-27 I will be on vacation in Corolla, NC (Outer Banks).  Let me know if you will be there at that time.  I’m looking for a model, I want to take some beach portraits!