Emily + Brett | Blacksburg, VA Engagement Photographer

To say that Emily and Brett were fully willing participants in this engagement session would be a little bit of a stretch…  Katie and I met up with Brett and Emily at Mill Mountain Coffee in Blacksburg a little over a week ago to discuss the details of their wedding and wedding photography. It just so happened that I had a few exposures left over on the roll of 35mm film that I started the day before for an engagement session so I begged them to let us do a few ice breaker photos use up the roll of film and get more comfortable with each other before their wedding in September.  Thankfully they were down for our unplanned, and extremely-mini engagement session in a, how do I put this delicately… less than attractive area of Blacksburg.

More fun stuff…  I was talking to Emily online later on about the name of Katie and my wedding photography business and how we were struggling to find a good one.  Emily suggested Katiebird and Hollybee Photography and we both LOVE it so thank you Emily for giving us a name!

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    Oh but these are SO cute! Especially that first one!!!

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