Baby M | Blacksburg, VA Baby Photographer

Meet baby M at nearly 7 months old.  Her mom brought tons of adorable outfits for us to play dress-up with, some of which she had even made along with Baby M’s grandmother.  I swear they should start their own business with the adorable fluffy tutu, Micky Mouse bloomers with matching leg-warmers, and the sweet little zebra striped pillowcase dress that they put together.  And I think I have a new favorite photo, I love little M’s sassy little peep from under the edge of her Easter hat in the first photo from this post!

We met up on Sunday at the Duck Pond at Virginia Tech for a sweet, Eastery photo session [originally was going to be a 6-month session, but we had to postpone].  There was a good deal of rain throughout the day, but thankfully we only saw a few sprinkles and the overcast weather made the lighting perfect for mid-day photos.  The cherry blossoms were starting to bloom even though spring hadn’t officially “sprung” yet and despite the threat of rain it was nice and warm outside.

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  1. Karly says:

    Holly…these are PRECIOUS. What an adorable little girl. That first photo with the hat just kills me!

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